Commercial Roofing Maintenance Tips

Commercial roofing requires some maintenance to keep your roof in tip top shape. If you want to help prevent costly commercial roofing repairs or replacement, then we recommend that you have a professional help you follow the tips below.

  • Roof Covers – It is important to keep your roof covers free from debris and to inspect them for any peeling or bubbling. If any peeling or bubbling is present, then a new roof cover may be needed.
  • Perimeter Flashing – The perimeter flashing needs to be checked to ensure that it has not become loose. Loose flashing can allow water to permeate the roof. It is most important to check the perimeter flashing after all storms.
  • Drainage system – It is recommended to have the function of your drainage system checked twice a year. If any cracks or clogs are noticed, then they will need to be repaired by a professional commercial roofing company.
  • Roof Hatches – Roof hatches need to be inspected for loose materials and to ensure that they are properly closed and latched.
  • AC Units – Routine inspections of all roof AC units are important. The commercial roofing company will make sure that the units are securely attached to the roof.
  • Skylights – If your commercial building has skylights, they will need to be inspected as well. A professional commercial roofing company will look for any cracks, rotting wood, and leaks.

When you have your roof routinely inspected by a commercial roofing company, you are helping to prevent costly repairs down the road. It is better to find an issue before it becomes a big problem. If you are in need of an experienced, professional commercial roofing company, then give us a call today at All American Roofing & Restoration.