Getting Ready for Your Roofer

Even if it’s an investment you wish you could have put off another couple of years, getting a new roof is rather exciting. It is nice to know that soon you can have peace of mind that your home is safe from water damage. In the days before the date your roofer has given you for installation, there are a few things you can and should do to get ready that will make the process go more smoothly and cause less stress.

1.Clear the area around your home. Moving your outdoor furniture and anything else that could either get in the way of the roofer or could be damaged by falling debris is a good idea. If you have an outdoor HVAC unit, you may want to protect it with a sheet of plywood – provided, of course, you can shut down the system while they work on your roof.

2.Determine the best placement for the waste receptacle. Your roofer will arrive with a dump truck or dumpster to put your old roofing material into. If at all possible, have it close to the house to minimize debris falling into your yard and potential added costs if they have to transport the debris from your home to a farther location.

3.Allow attic access. In some cases, the roofer may need to get into your home’s attic, so be sure the access is clear that day.

4.Protect against vibrations. Your roofer and team are going to be very active on your roof, and you will notice vibration inside your home. Be sure to secure any valuables, including wall décor. The vibration can also make a lighting fixture drop if it wasn’t properly installed, so check the connections and reinforce or take down any lighting you feel could be in danger.

5.Plan for the noise. Some people choose to go away for the day to avoid the noise or get a good set of earplugs/earphones. If you do go away, be sure the roofers have a way to contact you if they have questions. Make no mistake about it—it WILL be noisy, particularly inside. It might be a good day to take a book or tablet out to your gazebo that is out of the way, so you can still observe yet have a bit less noise to contend with. Don’t forget your pets, too, as they could become frightened.

Here at All American Roofing & Restoration, we are happy to share advice on how to prepare for a visit from a roofer. We always make sure to give you ample time to make whatever plans you may need to. We’ll clearly communicate to you the day and time of our arrival and how long we anticipate the job to take.