Top Signs Your Home Needs a Roof Replacement

Is your roof giving you trouble? Identifying and diagnosing issues with your roof can be hard, and it can be difficult to determine when a roof is patchable or when you need a roof replacement. Our team at All American Roofing & Restoration is prepared to guide you through the signs of needing a roof replacement. Here’s what to look out for.

  • Age – If your roof is giving you troubles and it is older than 12 years, it may be time for a replacement. Even if your roof is fixable, you may want to consider replacing your roof if it is older. It is suggested that you replace your roof every 12-15 years.
  • Missing & Damaged Shingles – If your roof’s shingles are damaged or missing this could be a sign of excess weather damage and your roof can be in the process of decaying.
  • Damaged/Discolored Ceilings & Walls – A common sign of a damaged roof is discoloration of your ceilings or walls as a result of moisture coming through the roof. A more severe sign is a leaking roof that is causing water to drip into your home. These problems should be addressed right away to prevent further damage and may require a roof replacement.
  • Damaged Flashing – Flashing is a mechanism that runs along your roof to keep moisture out of the joints of the roof. If your flashing is damaged it may cause moisture to gain access to your home and can cause serious damage.

We hope these signs have helped you determine if your home needs a roof replacement. If you have any questions regarding roof replacements or other services we provide, please contact us today.