Commercial Roofing, Newton, NC

Use a company with adequate commercial roofing experience.

Commercial Roofing in Newton, NC
Commercial roofing is very different from providing services to a home’s roof. With years of experience in the industry we have learned how to ensure proper roof repairs and installation for both. However, some companies specialize in residential roofing but will still take on other jobs. Make sure that you use a company that has experience with commercial roofing, so that you don’t have issues with the process or the right materials being used.

There can also be problems with not ordering enough materials or with not having enough manpower to get a roof installed or repaired in a short amount of time. The longer that a roofing project lasts, the more damage could be caused because of lack of adequate protection from the elements. Some companies also don’t have the right credentials to be providing that work, and accidents or damage may become your responsibility.

Whatever commercial roofing needs you have, we, at All American Roofing & Restoration, are here for you. We are qualified to provide commercial roof repairs and installations in the Newton, North Carolina area. To help our clients know how important their satisfaction with our work is, we offer free upgrades to architectural shingles and are backed by warranties. Our company is fully insured, and our employees are trained to provide the best handiwork. We offer a 15-year warranty against leaks and on all workmanship. That’s how much we stand behind the materials that we use and the people that we hire. We want you to feel confident that your commercial roofing is in good hands and that it will be durable.

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